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Gear Inspections

Gear Grease Removal Not Required for Inspection

Gear and Mill Inspections

The use of Conventional Gear Inspection methods, such as Magnetic Particle and Die, typically require 2-4 days to complete. These methods necessitate extensive cleaning of the gear to bare metal with caustic chemicals, needlessly creating hazardous waste and exposing workers to noxious vapors.

Taratech can complete an inspection of any gear in one typical work shift.


  • Taratech‚Äôs Eddy Current process eliminates the possibility of missed defects through recordable ‚Äúthree dimensional‚ÄĚ visualization.
  • Taratech‚Äôs High Quality Probes and Scanning Equipment increases production and reduces downtime.
  • Maintenance Managers increase uptimes, reduce maintenance costs and comply with Regulatory Bodies, Insurance and Risk Assessment Auditing Program Requirements.
  • Taratech Provides Quality ‚ÄúTrending Reports‚ÄĚ.
  • Inspections Without Removing Gear Grease
  • No Cleaning Required
  • Approved By OEM’s and Insurance Industry
  • No Exposure to Harse Chemicals
  • No Clean Up Required
  • Provide Repair Procedrures From The OEM’s for Free!