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Tank Inspections

Our complete Plant Wide Pipe Survey Program uses B-Scan Ultrasonic Technology. We can inspect almost any type of material while the plant is operating.  Our Portable Device is encoded and Bi-Directional and is capable of producing Electronic Reports.

Taratech is a full services API 653 / 510 / 570 inspection company. We offer In-Service API Inspections, Out of Service API Inspections and Tank Inspections that meet API standards without being full API. Taratech can inspect through rubber lined tanks / fiberglass tanks from the inside and outside while in-service or out of service. Taratech has In-Service checklists for tank inspections with our advanced NDT equipment that Taratech uses to complete most inspections without using scaffolding. Taratech, during an out of service tank inspection using our advanced NDT equipment can typically complete an inspection in half the time of conventional API Tank inspections.